Guide to Ratings

A Note On How Ratings My Work
1- This book is not even worth reading, I am not sure why I finished it.
2- This book has some redeeming quality that made it interesting, but unless you have nothing else better to do skip it.
3- This book is average, it may or may not be worth a read or it could be a guilty pleasure read.
4- This book has substantial content, it was very good and highly recommend reading it if it is on your list or is in one of your preferred genres.
5- I don’t care who the hell you are, go pick up this book now and read it dammit.
N/A – I cannot decide or I did not finish

*Half points denote something in-between (duh…)
*I will add a parenthetic note if themes of detailed or explicit violence, rape, incest or other prominent disturbing feature is included in the book. If a note says it contains other disturbing content, it is because the content doesn’t fit into one category or saying the contents will explicitly spoil the book. If you have questions on a book and suitability for you or someone else, please use the contact page to send me a message!