Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson (4.5/5)

What do depression and a stuffed raccoon have in common? Jenny Lawson, of course. This book is probably the most honest and real explanation of depression and anxiety I could ever hope to find. Being someone who has suffered from both ailments, this book was a good reminder that a good sense of humor and a lot of resilience go a long way to combating a battle with my own brain. Filled with both humorous and bizarre stories (which Lawson points out to her reader almost immediately) it is the perfect audio companion to a road trip or to curl up and read on the couch when you are feeling a bit down.

The stories may be bizarre and her thought pattern at times may be chaotic, but her writing style is something to admire. Her prose makes the book an enjoyable, quick read. There was never a slow moment in the book or even a point in time where I thought, “this is a good spot to stop.” Rather I wanted to finish the book in one sitting, and that is exactly what I did. And after 329 pages, I wanted more. I needed more. So, I listened to the audiobook on a long drive from Northern California to Los Angeles. It held up and Lawson’s narration probably made the book even more funny. I recommended this book to every single one of my friends when I finished it, but refused to loan out my copy in case I wanted to read it again.

Rarely do I spend money to buy an audiobook and a book, but I do not regret having done so for this book and this author.

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