Yes Please by Amy Poehler (5/5)

Amy Poehler … A M Y P O E H L E R.

Who do I like more Leslie Knope or Amy Poehler? I could not even take a stab at answering that question. Luckily for me, they coexist to some extent. Amy gave life to Leslie and for that I am incredibly grateful. Up until last summer, I had never seen Parks and Rec. Despite numerous friends recommending it to me, I couldn’t get through the first few episodes. I wasn’t at that point in my life yet where I was ready to embrace the series. However, once I did, there was no turning down my love of Amy Poehler. I mean I celebrated galentines day with my ladies this year, waffles and bacon included.

It should not come as a surprise, then, that I am in love with Yes Please. This book has all the humor you expect from Poehler, and all of the compassion and honesty you feel when you watch “Ask Amy.” Her aggressively kind, honest persona (which I genuinely hope is her actual personality) is clear in the memoir. The audiobook is 100 percent worth the extra time and money, and I will without a doubt be reading and listening to this book again.

It has been so long since I actually listened to the book though that I will be updating this review as soon as I have the time to read it once more.

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