A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (3/5)

The updates I am currently making on this blog are on books I read months ago, so my memory of them is a little foggy. I have been finishing my Master’s thesis and that has been occupying all of the time that I am not at work, so forgive me if these are a little short and lacking. I want to get up to date and be ready to add more reviews as I read books. I did not meet my 52 female authors in 52 weeks goal, but I am going to keep on chugging along anyway!

Now, on to the book review. A Thousand Pieces of You is your stereotypical 2010s post-Twilight YA book, and by that I mean it is not written particularly well and is heavily dependent on a love triangle with an overly capricious protagonist. The characterization follows the typical YA tropes, a young “strong” female protagonist (I put it in quotes because the author wants you to think the female heroine is a strong role-model, but she is not) who experiences a seemingly tragic event that motivates her to seek revenge. She is supported, and by that I mean protected and watched over, by two male characters that she falls in love with. The male characters protect this damsel in distress to no end and essentially carry her through the story as if she was incapable of doing anything remotely heroic.

The science fiction aspect of this book is less apparent and is a side note to the love triangle. Yes it takes place in a multiverse (which is what attracted me to the book in the first place) and yes the characters occasionally move through the different realities, but unlike in A Wrinkle in Time, all of this seems to be in the background and used only as a means of changing clothes and accents. The science is not there, this is a love-triangle romance disguised as a science fiction book. It is a guilty pleasure book, if that. It sure has pretty artwork on the cover though *shrug*.

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